Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be the MAN, not the Boy.

We all know women love money, and a guy with a nice job is considered a catch.  But did you know that most of womens fantasies involves the blue collar kind of guy.  Firemen, Cowboys,  the Pool Guy,  the Bad boy.

Now to release a little trick, be mysterious,  mix you bad boy side with some charm.    Save your badness for the right moments.  Open the car door, say please, but never be a toy.   

This brings us to a new outfit, fitting the lock.   I won this outfit free on a mm board in SL.
This outfit has some added details with the sown up stiching in front and rear.  Jeans fit great and the belt also.  Shirt hood has to be edited a little, but over all out of the box ready.  :SZD: Madness ( Man Outfit )

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